Ticketing Solutions

EZTicketLive - The Most User-Friendly Ticketing Software Available

Online Ticket Sales

Your customers log on to your Website, which has a link offering them the opportunity to purchase tickets over the Internet. When your customers click this link, they are seamlessly transferred to your private Web interface on the EZTicketLive Server.

The customers then choose a general admission event or a reserved seating performance. For reserved seating, EZTicketLive displays a seating chart for the customers to decide which section they want to sit in. Clicking on a section displays an updated seating chart, allowing the customers to choose seats directly from the chart! The customers' demographic information is then captured, and your EZTicketLive database is updated in real time to reflect the sale.

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Box-Office Sales

EZTicketLive is the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to sell tickets, either in person or over the phone. Replace your expensive, cumbersome software today.

When customers walk up to the window or call on the phone, the clerk selects the performance and the date of the show, chooses a seat from the interactive seating chart, sets discounts from the available list of options, selects the customer from the database or adds a new customer on the fly, chooses the payment type including the ability to add donations, and then chooses the method of fulfillment; such as, print the tickets, hold at will call, mail, Fed-Ex, etc.

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Event & Customer Management

Everything you can imagine is at your fingertips: create new users and set their access levels to the system; create price plans for a show including unlimited discount categories; add or edit shows on the fly; use the plan for one show, a series of shows, or all the time -- the choice is yours.

You can access the most extensive reporting system ever conceived at the touch of a button. There are a number of printing options available including on demand, batch printing, single ticket printing, or email. EZTicketLive has its own credit card processing and Gateway already installed; you no longer need to enter credit card transactions on a separate terminal.

All your customer data is available to you online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Search, utilize, and export the data at your discretion. Use the EZTicketLive system to mass email to your customers list. Last minute specials, promotions, event information, notices -- and all this and more is available at the touch of a button.

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